Sunday, 14 December 2014

Face Book Advertising

     It now seems very likely that in 2015, any promotion of any product on face book pages will be deemed as advertising and will be removed by face book or possibly charged for. 

     Now, I don't mind paying for promotion as it's only fair, and have done on several occasions when a new book is actually released, but many of my posts are simply snippets, information about the next book, sales ranks or updates about my writing journey, that sort of thing. If these are also removed, as now seems likely, it will be very difficult to keep you wonderful people who enjoy the books abreast of what is happening.

     Therefore, I will probably start using this blog site more  to update the readers. If you want to be kept in the loop, get some freebies etc, please hit the follow button below.

      Alternatively, you could send me an e mail and I will add you to a mailing list.  As soon as release dates are announced, I will send everyone an e mail.

(no spam, I promise)

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