Sunday, 18 November 2012


I never was a soldier
So have no tale to tell,
of cloying mud and seas of blood
and trenches into hell

I didn't get the call up
So how am I to know
of ghosts who stand on scarlet sand
where angels fear to go

I didn't serve my country
So missed the pained goodbyes
of men who cried as brothers died
beneath those  leaden skies

I never fought for freedom
So couldn't  understand
the metal rain of searing pain
that ripped across the sand

I didn't have the calling
So where do I begin
to understand exploding land
that tears them limb from limb

I never had to comprehend
the sound of mothers' cries.
The tragic price of devils dice
when rolled to see who dies

So why should I remember?
How could it ever be?
That gallant dead, spilled poppy red
And gave their lives for me.

I never was a soldier.
And never went away
like those who tried and cried and died
and marched so I could stay

K. M. Ashman


  1. Lovely poem Kevin. It is the duty of parents to make their children, the next generation, aware so these lost men and women are never forgotten.

  2. A beautiful poem that says it all. Thank you for writing this. I am sure this will touch many people.

  3. This should be in the Green grumpy Gorilla's collection of poems so simply stated it makes the truth hurt, as it should. Den would have been moved by this and commended it - I can offer no higher praise.
    Thank you for sharing Xxx

  4. wow Kevin an amazing piece so beautifully written, that says it all, thank you for sharing it and reminding us that our freedom comes with a price and it should never be forgotten