Sunday, 30 September 2012

A pleasant surprise

Hi all

Having published Mummies of the Reich on Friday, last night my attention turned to Roman 2.
I re-read what I have written so far and had a bit of a tidy up.

 I thought I already had about 10k but was pleasantly surprised to find I actually had 20k that I could use. Now, there is a lesson there. When writing my other books, if I get writers block I sometimes turn to other works in progress and just change focus.

It may be only a few paragraphs but they soon add up and this is a perfect example. I was chuffed to suddenly realise that Roman 2 is just under a quarter done.

That has given me a huge boost.

So the lesson here is, for me as well, when you grind to a halt, don't stare at a blank page but try something fresh until inspiration returns.

It works for me.


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Came home to a nice E mail this evening from the publishers of my paperbacks.

Dear Kevin

We are pleased to tell you some good news that your book will form part of a competition advertised both in History Today magazine and The Oldie magazine in their next issues, due out on September 20th, the ad will also feature a thumbnail of your book cover along with some other titles. The competition is a free publishing prize with free bookseller distribution for entrants who enter the competition and buy one of a choice of 8 books, the choice includes yours. We chose these magazines for fans of history (History Today) and because The Oldie has a book supplement in the next issue. Please do tweet and facebook if you wish to re this, or add the news to any blog you may have. The competition is listed under Competitions at the top of the feedaread homepage. We put 25% of site profits back into site functions so you can if you wish add what you think of the service on twitter/facebook etc, as this helps to fund further developments to assist further with sales too over time. Your book features in the competition as you achieved a second top ten quarterly position, which is excellent.

The ad will feature in the October issues of the magazines, sometimes they come out a few days earlier e.g. we are told September 20th. The ad aims to sell both and the books in the ad, as the prize of free publishing and books that may appeal to readers go in tandem.