Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Rise and Rise of E books

     Is the era of the slush piles coming to an end? Will Agents be staring at the phone, hoping it will ring? Are publishers sneaking a glance at the job pages over their morning coffee?
     Perhaps not yet but one thing is certain, the big boys are getting worried. In the past, self publishers were derided and sneered at for having the audacity to even think they could challenge the big publishing houses. Tomes have been written about the difficulty of getting a book deal and the rejection slips probably accounted for the equivalent of many rainforests in their time.
     But no more. At last, all us budding writers have been given the opportunity that we could only have dreamed of a few years ago. Our books, the way we want them, published and available to millions of potential customers almost immediately.
     'How so?' I hear you cry. 'The younger generation!' I reply. They are the leaders, the innovators and the instigators. They are the ones who see palm readers, kindles and I phones as the norm. It is they who are driving the book industry to its inevitable evolution.
     Sales of E readers are booming and subsequently, books to put on them. Why buy 1 paperback when you can have perhaps 5 for the same price?' All of which and indeed thousands more, can be carried with you on a device half the size of a paperback.
     Combine this with the many websites that now offer free formatting along with free distribution to names such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Borders and many many more and the door is finally opened. But what is more important, is that these companies not only accept these submissions, but actively encourage them and many authors make a living by following this route.
     It is not difficult, and anyone can do it, but a word of caution. Make your novel the best you can. Your subject matter won't appeal to everyone and your style may be an acquired taste, but don't compromise on standards. Spend time on your spelling, formatting and grammar. Don't give the naysayers the opportunity to cry, 'We told you so.'
     Once this is done and you feel you have done your best, search the web, pick a suitable provider and click send.
    Fellow writers unite. Kick off the chains of literary oppression. This is our time.  E books ARE the future. Be part of the revolution.
    Watch this space
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