Thursday, 25 August 2011

Hello World

Where do I start?

Question - How many people have asked that question when they write their first blog?

Answer - Everyone so I am in good company.

I have got things to say, (I am quite opinionated really) we all have, but when you first start these new sites it's better to feel your way through gently. Discretion is the best part of valour, to coin a phrase.

So, just to start off, I'll tell you something about myself. (Just to see how this thing works)

My name is Kevin Ashman and I live in South Wales in the united Kingdom. I am almost half a century old and have four grown up children, a dog, and some fish. I am a professional PFI Project manager looking after several educational premises in South Wales.

I have written a few books, trodden the self publishing path and am currently embarked on the networking route in this brave new world of facebook, blogging, twitter, tumbler etc.

Oh my god, that means I have to TALK to people.

Oh well, so be it. Here I am, laptop at the ready, fingers poised, and ready to socialise. I'll play about with the site for a while and get used to it a little before sharing my inner thoughts with the world.




  1. Hiya Kev, Welcome to the hugely addictive world of blogging. Your blog is looking fab so far, glad you decided to take the plunge and yes we've all asked ourselves the same question when first starting a blog, but you'll soon find your way around Blogland. All the best, xx vicki xx

  2. Looking forward to lots of posts and chats from you Kevin. Blog away! :)